Saturday, July 25, 2009

those little effort

Hi everyone! As usual, what I always does when I am waiting at the lift lobby in my apartment, I will always check out on what's new at the advertisement board (eventhough I knew sometimes there are no changes at all for the last 1 month but I believe in wonder!). There was this advertisement called CarPool was caught my eyes and makes me pounder about it. How such a little effort and thoughtful thinking would contribute to a better environment! I am impresses by the lady who post it (regardless if she is knowing or not the fact that she has making a step to make a greener world!) and that's is one of the reasons Atmosfera come to exist.

So basically, 

Atmosfera is all about green and environment.I would like to share my everyday pass by experience which sometimes unnoticeable value which contribute the better future living with a thought of environment (and creativity) in mind. Everyone are welcome to contribute and shared with me. 

You doesn't have to be famous to be good, because (at least for me) good things in life are shared.

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