Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I came across this website (www.naranikannan.com) showing a deep and powerful quote of basic design philosophy in a literal poster approach. I found all the quotes are so essential and relevant in equipping oneself before shooting any crazy creative idea. It was a series of self initiate poster of Paul Rand (a notable legendary American designer) design philosophy. He is considered "new" for me as far as my involvement in this creative circle concern, therefore I start google him up. Surprisingly I just knock off to a visual design history book which is worth to ponder over! ABC, UPS, FIAT, IBM are among those masterpiece logo crafted by him. 

Just swing by this website www.Paul-Rand.com to know more about him and his iconic works. Thanks to Naranni for illustrating such a simple yet strong quote of Rand. I am personally like it gesture which somehow successfully portraying Rand's thought and philosophy.

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